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Provided to YouTube by Universal Music Group Find Yourself · Brad Paisley Automobiles Original Soundtrack ℗ 2006 The copyright in this sound recording is owned by Walt Disney Records under special licence to EMI Records Ltd. ℗ 2006 Walt Disney Records/ Pixar. ℗ AVEX MUSIC CREATIVE INC . Author: Brad Paisley. Auto-generated by YouTube.Video Score:/ […]

Written By Javier

On November 3, 2019

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Provided to YouTube
by Universal Music Group Find Yourself · Brad Paisley Automobiles Original Soundtrack ℗ 2006 The copyright in this sound recording is owned by Walt Disney Records under special licence to EMI Records Ltd.
℗ 2006 Walt Disney Records/ Pixar.

. Author: Brad Paisley.

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Determining who we are and what we desire out of life can be challenging if at any point you, like me, drifted off the course of self-exploration and self-acceptance.

But eventually, life smacks us in the face enough times that we’re required to confess the reality: we’re completely lost.

In that minute, there is surrender to something much bigger than our specific selves, and we start this journey once again. Only this time, we’re present; we’re tuned in to what’s up, and we’re all set.

The course to figuring everything out needs a decision to stay devoted to the path, to hang on and keep moving on, even when it gets hard– which it does. We take a trip to our darkest depths inside ourselves and see whatever we have actually hidden, covered, locked, and repressed.

All of it surface areas and it’s a wild ride. But, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel: our perspectives about our selves and this life shift tremendously and unlock for some miraculous opportunities, love, and peace.

I have actually learned a few of these lessons the tough method, once I discovered them, life became a lot clearer and the road to wherever I’m going piqued by becoming uncomplicated and pleasurable in more minutes than not. There are still times that develop which aren’t so picturesque, I’m simply much better equipped to ride that rocky wave and can remind myself to settle into what I understand.

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  1. DJ Shadow

    Such a beautiful song.

  2. jp games

    Dedicated for paul Newman and doc Hudson

  3. Victorxxl99 v

    My little brother with 4 years old watch CARS everyday and when I'm passing through the living room and he's watching, jumping and laughing while this song is playing, i take a sit and start being reflexive about life, and feel a happiness in my heart that I can't explain

  4. kraig 88

    I'm surprised that this song has over 200,000 shazams

  5. Marcelo Frazon

    thank you for being part of my childhood ❤️

  6. Jamie Thomas

    Sounds country

  7. matheus 3511

    R.i.P hudson hornet

  8. Carlos Alberto Garrido González

    Joe Ranft 1960-2005
    Cars 2006-2017

  9. Mike Perry

    Radio staions i ask don't know of this song. 🙁

  10. Paul Holger Luhtein

    Cars is a legendary movie! ????

  11. Kiddrio Studios

    Those fucking onions again.

  12. Leo De Aquino

    I loved cars from the beginning until the end

  13. DogeDude Playz

    I could sleep to this song

  14. maik. z.

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  16. Karim Hasebou

    whats the name of song playing in the intro when Gary is speaking

  17. rogers turner

    got to be smart enough to hear the message and not the language…..

  18. Roger Yucaran

    Well am I the only one here because it is basically what I really need now, . hard to be a personification the word negative., I am the toxic negative thinker person you don't like to be with, the loner killjoy neighbor who have his own world . the heck with this feels

  19. Jada Monique

    Dealing with depression

  20. Melissa5575

    Nice boost when you feel sluggish

  21. Wizard ronaldinho

    Whoever watching this your a master get on that practice floor and show them your awakening

  22. Krissy

    “Spiritual suicide”. Good term

  23. Johanna S

    I thought this would be positive.
    This is about fear underneath fake positivity. Fearing where you end.
    Selfish: leave the wife. If you believe in carma, that's gonna bite you in the butt. Self love, that you are better than others, you deserve more than others and you are smarter and more important than others feelings and needs. Your happiness is more important than relationships. Every relationship has it's perks and downs.

    People aren't fast food.

    This is just wrong and so negative.

  24. Party Tomorrow

    i also love fighting i call it training myself or expressing my abilites saying im better

  25. Party Tomorrow

    i dont hate bloods or crips or whatever but if you the opps then fuck yo feelings but if we cool or all good then we be alight

  26. Party Tomorrow

    because people love making it known what goes on between us and not the full story

  27. Party Tomorrow

    i am mad everyone is on my ego they keep on putting up hard evidence to hit my claims soo they are 25% accurate but im like shiit

  28. Party Tomorrow

    literally everyone is making their move and im like shiit were losing allies and nation because their is sneak attacks


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