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On November 1, 2019

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Video Score:/ 5


  1. Golden Ideas

    These are the best Speech that push you up!!

  2. Davida Brown

    My direct sign to WAKE UP!??THANK YOU!??

  3. gaming with abdullah

    Here are 10 of the best inspirational speeches to inspire you and keep you moving forward!

    J.K. …

    Jim Carrey – Maharishi University. …

    Steve Jobs – Stanford University. …

    Al Pacino – Any Given Sunday. …

    Tony Robbins – TED Talk. …

    Will Smith – The Pursuit of Happiness. …

    Matthew McConaughey – University of Houston.

    More items…•Sep 22, 2018

    The Top 10 Most Inspirational Speeches of All Time – Bluleadz

    https://www.bluleadz.com › blog › top-inspirational-speeches

    Search for: What is the best motivational speech of all time?

    What are the best motivational speeches?

    These Five Motivational Speeches Will Get You off Your Ass

    #1: Secrets to Success — Eric Thomas:

    #2: The Sylvester Stallone Story — Anthony Robbins:

    #3: The Most Important Word Ever — Gary Vaynerchuk:

    #4: Motivational Speech from Pursuit of Happyness — Will Smith:

    #5: Motivational Speech at Commencement — Denzel Washington:

    Mar 28, 2016

    These Five Motivational Speeches Will Get You off Your Ass

    https://productcoalition.com › these-five-motivational-speeches-will-get-you-…

    Search for: What are the best motivational speeches?

    How do you start a motivational speech?

    How do you write a motivational speech example?

    How do you write a successful motivational speech?

    How can I make my life speech successful?

    What is the greatest speech of all time?

    What makes a great motivational speech?

    How can I make a powerful speech?

    How do you begin a speech?

    How do you end a motivational speech?

    How do I get motivated?

    What motivates you to succeed?

    Who is the number 1 motivational speaker?


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    These Five Motivational Speeches Will Get You off Your Ass

  4. Horror World

    Thank you I really needed this ??I'm away from home and my family for almost five years my country is under war and it's really hard for me to except this evil world, and the last three months I was totally alone I didn't have a job, no friends, now I'm packing my bags to move to a new place to get a job and make a living so I can make money to see my family, I was crying most of the days all alone I just needed to see any creature eyes, I know I'm a surviver not a living creature, I mostly was strong but things pulled me to depression, and loneliness, but I really still want to stay strong inside and still want to keep going to help my family❤️ thank you again for this video ?????

  5. Gerald

    Let's Turn to the Beast mode ower mind ?

  6. Georg Vende

    Someone here in 2019 end?

  7. Ruben Del Rio

    This video will forever be a part of my success.

  8. Nitin Jain

    Awesome, thank you!

  9. monica mufune

    Yes powerful word ????

  10. nash patra

    “Keep your mouth shut and work,let your success makes the noise” Am blessed cause I got to fight??

  11. Jack Butler Jazzy king

    Listening to these motivational videos I'm finding the strength within me and the attitude of a champion and not a loser. I know I'm frowned upon by many because I have Asperger syndrome but guess what, I'M DONE WITH SEEING WOOL IN MY FACE! I AM A LONE WOLF WITH THE ATTITUDE OF SUCCESS AND WILL NO LONGER BE AFRAID OF BEING WHO I AM! I WILL NOT BE TAMED BY SOCIETY THE PEOPLE AROUND ME HARDLY EVEN COME CLOSE TO KNOWING WHAT THEY MAKE ME FEEL EVERYDAY. I'M READY TO GROW EVEN MORE THAN I DON'T EVEN KNOW!

  12. Josh Sevcik

    Love this. I play this everytime I have a long run. It gets the juices flowing. Push on guys!

  13. Jason Black


  14. Mark r

    Getting up for work in the morning I want to face my fears and overcome my fears and stay positive and strong not talking but doing and growth comes from within ourselves I stay away from negative people. Life is what get back make of it what we put in to life is what we make of it life isn't all rainbow and sunshine. it hard and the world will knock us down and it will keep us knocking us if we let it get up and fight back growth will only makes us stronger.


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