One of The Most Eye Opening Speeches | WILL SMITH

” The question isn’t can you deal with the scenario, the question is can you manage your mind? Can you manage the thoughts and the emotions that are trying to poison your progres? Forget handling the situations, manage your mind.” Will Smith ► If you struggle and have a difficult time, consider taking an online […]

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On October 31, 2019

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One of The Most Eye Opening Speeches|WILL SMITH

 Among One Of The Most Eye Opening Speeches|WILL SMITH” The question isn’t can you deal with the scenario, the question is can you manage your mind? Can you manage the thoughts and the emotions that are trying to poison your progres? Forget handling the situations, manage your mind.” Will Smith
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This speech will make you think in a different way.
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  1. Love Child

    I feel to vomit when I hear Joel Osteen

  2. David Fudali

    Thanks a lot for this amazing Video!

  3. vernwma

    I love all the inspiring motivational videos but I just need to have luck and win the lotto lol then I can speak on motivation and how my life went before I won the lotto and be happy lool. In all honesty I do like seeing people succeeed some are more talented or have the motivational drive to do so and thats what motivates the regualr people working minimum wage jobs, or working jobs were we are underpaid. Everyone is good at something and you have to find what u are good at but its hard with all the stresses and indulgences of life. In my life I want to be the best I can be but other things get in the way I hope to rid myself of all my bad habits and just so what I am good and and born to do, maybe teaching, a parent, or a clown lol))The only thing that gets in your way of being succesful ,the person u aspire to be is you.Thats how I feel. I know I have messed up alot, made bad decisions but I never doubt how great I can be I just need more discipline and work harder) Discipline and humility and character and hard work pays off. I think thats the main theme in alot of these motivational videos believe, achieve, and soar)) but it isnt easy you have to work at it)
    And yes lol the use of Will Smiths name I think was used as click bait everyone loves Will Smith but other than that it was a good video) I watch these all the time and try to become better it isnt working but they are entertaining lol)

  4. DancingOwl JP

    Intellect, ☺ instinct ? & inspiration ?

  5. alex stey

    I want to manage my mind, I suffer from anxiety ? it comes back on and on, idk what to do, I'm very very strong tough, but I need to really control my thoughts, any advice friends? My God bless u all a lot ❤️ love u

  6. Evan Bartelt

    I wish more of the world would see and understand these videos. They really are life changing.

  7. Cris Cooper

    haha will smith is obviously a devil worshiper, he's been constantly exposed to being stanic, you all are idiots looking up to this man thinking he knows about the same struggle we regular people have to go through, of course he's not going to say he sold his sold for fame and money, he's obviously going to talk about how he struggled like all of us, how he only had 5$ in his pocket, all just bs every mainstream celebrity says so they can keep getting looked up to because none of you know how they actually got famous, and any clown who disagrees with me is just baby fed sheep, sad how you people put these people on a pedestal

  8. beatleme2

    proves what the bible said " man is what he thinkith"

  9. Tyson Spiller

    Some people work hard
    Some people get lucky
    Some people have truly hard struggles
    Some people wont make it

  10. Devashree Lakhran

    Thanks for introducing the term MEDITATION to this sixteen year old soul ..

  11. Sunshine And Rain

    Amazing video

  12. Jamsheed Begum


  13. Clarence Dixon

    Like it !! Prim, focus inLife

  14. Michin Sin

    I find myself disagreeing with a lot that's being said lol
    But Will Smith's first part was great.

  15. Silvana

    this is great IF you have an undamaged brain. when you have pharmaceutical brain damage because of doctors poisons then these goal are unable to be meet!! think about it and do your research.

  16. Lizzy Darcy

    Your life will follow your thoughts. You have to change your thinking before you change your life.

  17. Be Inspired

    This is the truth..

  18. Oliver Read

    He was a boxer and he was more intelligent than than the average man or woman. Such a unique character

  19. zohaib

    Facts of life rip Inshallah !!!

  20. Ahmed Abdulmajed

    Allah is the greatest

  21. amirali safi

    Ready to meet god our creator

  22. Spyros Sourelis

    Ι disagree here in one thing. Entertainment time is not wasted time imo.


    it's true

  24. Qurann_

    Just writing this for people that r actually lookin for Allah… and actually care plz read my comment won’t take u 1 minute .. thank you ??

    In judgment day allah will excuse three if I’m not wrong

    Those who didn’t know about Islam , people who didn’t hear will tell allah ( we didn’t hear about islam ) , those who don’t see will say ( we didn’t see about Islam ) those who never heard about Islam will also we excused

    But you will tell God can I go back to life and I’ll believe in prophet and Quran

    Quran says ;

    And, [O Muhammad], warn the people of a Day when the punishment will come to them and those who did wrong will say, "Our Lord, delay us for a short term; we will answer Your call and follow the messengers." [But it will be said], "Had you not sworn, before, that for you there would be no cessation?

    Not answering rude comments ❌
    Respect me I will respect you ✊

  25. iM0o

    Muhammadali ❤

  26. RT Josyula

    So Sadguru jaghivasudev was right… Just live in ur self..fully…use time rightly

  27. khalid. K.m

    All the people's needs confirming the Islam religion because it's the right religion in the world. Before it's too late. أشهد أن لا إله إلا الله وأشهد أن محمد رسول الله

  28. John Oliveira

    Issa tuff in joined a pagan religion.

  29. CroixFrozy

    May God rest his soul in heaven.

  30. Farid Shaikh

    This video is incomplete. He tells you about his life purpose. A young girl ask him about his retirement what he is goint to do?. Then he started tells about this thing and then also tells you about God. And rest of his life he is going to try to be Better Muslim. That he could not do before.

  31. Almas Fiza Shaikh

    I live while is sleep, i dream. These dreams empower my reality. I live while i travel, i observe people around me and learn about them and general human behaviour. I live while i am in school, i study, learn, make good relationships with my friends. I love living and experiencing beautiful stories portrayed to me as an art in movies and books. I believe i am living while i do everything. One does not have to stop doing mundane stuff to live life.
    We simply have to be completely aware of our "now" to be alive.

    Respect to Muhammad Ali. But i simply look at this in different way.

    Peace and love.

  32. Dmney 123

    May Allah rest his soul, I hope he fulfilled his purpose in life. He has inspired many. Ameen.


    رحمه الله Rahimahullahu.

  34. Alp Eren

    Rest in peace the greatest in all perpespective of human being in twenty Century .No one came to full of your place in the World. You have changed the World, nothing is the same after you changed the World.

  35. Za Warudo!!

    Muslims in the comment section i am thinking of changing to a muslim. I just want to know what is your proof that god exsists? Also i think that Buddhism shows u a more clear path compared to islam. What are your opinions on that?


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