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  hey what’s up everybody. this is Robin Palmer and welcome to my Aurora review. so in a nutshell, what is this product actually about? well, this is a product created by Jono Armstrong and Breeendan Maze and basically, it’s gonna teach you how to actually use two massive traffic sources together with an automation […]

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On August 12, 2019

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hey what’s up everybody. this is Robin Palmer and welcome to my Aurora review. so in a nutshell, what is this product actually about? well, this is a product created by Jono Armstrong and Breeendan Maze and basically, it’s gonna teach you how to actually use two massive traffic sources together with an automation software, and then send the traffic to automated already done for you Auto webinars, that will actually make sales for you on autopilot. okay, so that is basically the system.

here yeah this is the second part because the first part is a little bit bit more about using the Pinterest. Pinterest as a traffic source together with his automation tool. okay something that you’re going to learn here and the next section here is about the Instagram using. in Instagram the Instagram software to leverage the power of Instagram. okay now it’s gonna depend on what you get, so you’re not gonna get everything in the main product you’re gonna get enough to get started, but I’m gonna show you a little bit more about what you’re actually gonna get. the different prices and the upgrades is so on okay now the next section. here is loading your snowmobile and turning the key. the Instagram targeting it’s a little bit more related to this section here and then we have the last section here where he teaches you a little bit more about pixels and retargeting. okay, so that is something that when you combine these two software’s related to Pinterest and Instagram the training and if you get any of the other upgrades and you use this last section. here this is gonna really, you know, skyrocket your your results okay now of course you don’t need all of these but definitely these are I would say really great product the one thing that I found a little bit annoying here when I went through this course is that each video has you know an introduction here okay so it’s a little bit loud you want to have that in mind when starting each video that being said I would say that the chorus is really top-notch okay now that being said let’s go / – let’s see here the actual section here where I talk about the prices and the upsells okay so one more thing I forgot to mention is that you get also all the vendor bonuses as well okay if you get this through me okay so let’s go over to the front end product which is going to cost twenty seven dollars and ninety seven cents this is a complete complete system that automates webinars and generates traffic simultaneously you’re going to be able to use the built-in free traffic to promote the included auto webinars something that we talked about early in this video now the upgrade number one cost $67 and this is the pro version and what you see here I get got access to the pro version and this is this pro version of the software includes unlimited videos unlimited renders unlimited everything ok so if we go back here for a moment you’re gonna be able to download as you can see here for example the Instagram software you gonna be able to download this to your computer ok now they’re talking here about getting proxies ok and these are paid once but I’m gonna show you this is our last time bonus that I’m adding here this or a last minute bonus this is proxy a free proxy that you can use is solution for you so don’t have to worry about this ok but basically in the main product you get the basic version which is Pinterest and up we’re number one you get everything in the main version ok but with limitless publishing okay so you want to have that in mind so in my case I would go for the front end product and definitely the opera number one to get the whole thing you know the whole product it’s come it’s a complete system the main product and you don’t need that green number one but yeah I would really go for that one because it’s gonna help you explode and really take advantage of you know the purpose of this whole training and the software and all of that now the Opera number two is a done-for-you auto webinars that you can instantly add to your Aurora system to generate multiple streams of passive incomes ok so I have added some bonus as well if you decide to get this and this can actually add a lot to the bottom line of your income if you to get to the opted for the upgrade number two doctor number three costs one hundred and ninety seven dollars okay it might be a little bit pricey you might think that but what you’re gonna receive here is really valuable okay this is the limit less traffic where you’re gonna be able to put your pixel on their sales page to siphon traffic from their high traffic pages and you know the the page of the sales pages …

Well, stop! I can’t take this talking anymore. What a good review needs is next to understandable grammar, a structure and at least the research. I feel this is again another information marketing product review or MMO or IM product review, that is created for ONLY earning commissions and not to give a true review.
If you feel like reading the rest, go on under the tab. But I own a an Aurora license as well and will let you know about the prioduct. Cause the idea should be good and there is not much more like this on the market. Watch out for my Aurora review. See you later.

from Brennan and Jonah get ten thousands of visitors even hundreds of thousands of visitors so you can actually siphon off that traffic okay and get I really you know a huge boost when we’re talking about traffic and sales okay this is something that I have been doing lately okay and I do believe this is gonna benefit you okay so I would go for the front end product the upper you number one to two and the tree the upgrade number four cost $97 I have bonus for this if you decide to get this as well this is a license rights to some aurora as your own product okay now I usually don’t get license rights to sell you know the products products but this might be different in your case and you might want to get this if you want it but I wouldn’t go for this one but definitely the main product and a pre-nominal number one two and three okay but of course gonna depend on what you where you are willing with your business and how much you want to invest by them that is my recommendation okay now remember that you’re gonna get all of these specific bonuses here if you decide to get this through me okay so for example how I would use our road to boost results my personal secret high tech Commission hacked additional top traffic sources to use with Aurora method the up we’re number one how to make even more high ticket commissions with Aurora also if you get the upgrade number two my done-for-you high ticket review videos plus bonuses that you can use with raw rora and these are videos that I have created myself of course and you can take advantage of these reviews the upgrade number three my advanced super affiliate hacks you can use with aurora in 2019 and the best high ticket affiliate programs that you can promote in 2019 this is the upgrade number four okay all these bonuses are going to be delivered automatically okay through you through the water plus for you and if you have any questions if you have any comments you can feel free to reach out to me to Robin Palmer Sweden at gmail.com or you can also leave your questions your comments below this video okay you can do that if you want okay so that is basically what I can say about this product this is an awesome product actually if you use it if you decide to use it okay because there that’s the main idea okay so you get a really complete product when you get over a plus you’re gonna get some special bonuses here and all of that information okay so thank you for watching this video I’m really happy that you watch this to the end and I hope I see you on a next review and I talk to you soon

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